Places to buy wood online?

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31 Dec 2019
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So far b&q is where I’ve bought my wood. I’m almost certain this is a bad move.

Any tips for places to big nice hardwood? I want to get into making some nice chopping boards for my parents and in laws.

You can buy it online from certain places such as British Hardwoods but it will still be rather expensive.

My suggestion would be to see what's available locally, it's surprising what can be right on your doorstep. Just googling "Glasgow Hardwood Suppliers" brings up a lot of shops selling good quality stock in and around Glasgow. Another one I always recommend is to seek out local professional workshop woodworkers such as Joiners, Cabinetmakers and Furniture Makers, these people will undoubtedly have off-cuts of timber more than big enough for what you need that are of no use to themselves so they'll either sell them to you at a low price or even let you walk away with some pieces free. Most professionals are a friendly sort and will help you out if you're a genuine hobbyist just looking for a few small pieces.
Personally, I never buy online. It's a great experience just to go to a yard and mull over the stock before you buy. Yandles in Somerset is great for this as is the new woodshop opened recently by Tyler's near Andover - Rob
Depending on where live, Harwood Offcuts, Brentwood Essex is a great place for small amounts of hardwood. I recently bought enough for a chopping board for a reasonable price.
Happy New Year

Thanks everyone. I’ll check out some local suppliers. There must be a lot near me.
What are you looking for as i have a fair stock here of hardwoods seasoned, Chopping boards is hardly anything size wise