Newbie - Advice re Thicknesser / floorboards

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RogerP":3e7yda09 said:
Weird this fashion for bare boards. Reminds me of school days except the head's room which was, of course, properly carpeted. :)

Of course, it's mainly (only?) Brits who like fitted carpets. The rest of the world think they're dirty and disgusting. All over the Med, the floors are bare - you hardly even see rugs.

Anyone know about North Europe practise - Holland, Germany etc?

Agree with mick the tree. Dont bother taking them up.
Hire a decent sander. Dont complicate a simple job.
As one who did this for a living, may I offer this advice, sand diagonally both ways with 40 grit paper then with the grain with 36 to remove the diagonal scratches.Then face with 40,60,80,100.We would finish sanding with a fine mesh on a floor buffing machine.Depending on the state of the floor one or two papers can sometimes be omitted.It will be dusty, however unless you can get your hands on some pro machines, unlikely though.
Neilyweely has the right idea about hooking a hose to an extractor on to the machine dust outlet. If the hose is long enough, no need to drag the extractor around!