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New or used tablesaw ?


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5 Feb 2012
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Hi I am new to this forum been reading a lot of post and looking at the many nice projects here.
I am a carpenter and build houses for a living but would like to have a small workshop/shed for other nice little woodworking hobby projects.
I am planning to make a work shop/shed this summer maybe i make a thread about it later.
But what i was wondering is I see there are many tablesaws from good makes to find at a good price used, is it better to buy a used old or should i go for a new ?
What i was thinking is that is better with a old altendorf than a new bernando or other saw in this price range am i wrong ?
I will be getting 3 phase in the shed.


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27 Sep 2009
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Österbotten, Finland
If you know the basics of metalworking and have some aquintance who car turn or mill metal pars for you if necsessary I suggest that you should buy secondhand. A good quality machine with 60 years of wear in it is generally less sloppy than a new one of hybbyist quality. As long as there is no mayor cracks in the castings most damage can be repaired in one way or another.
I would look for a machine that is not worn out. Local damage from careless handling is generally easier to repair than a worn out machine with slop everywhere.

Right now I am fixing up a worn out 1950-ies Stenberg planer/thicknesser/spindle moulder/ table saw combination which I bought secondhand from Sweden. Used machinery is insanely cheap in that country. The cost will be less than a quarter of the cost of a new combination machine of inferrior quality. Though machine restorations are very time consuming but I figure that I am paid for those hours in saved money.

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