Mystery tool again turning chisel ?

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18 Feb 2020
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Chichester West Sussex
Any body know what this tool is ? Assuming it a turning chisel but not sure



At first sight it is a carpenter’s flared slick chisel as it is the right shape; in plan view anyway. Only time I used one a lot was in the early 90s when me and my old partner built a large log cabin in New Zealand. Slicks are used for paring with the grain on irregular shaped timber; for example, to ease or square the end of the log or to remove irregularities etc.

It is a bit hard to tell without a side elevation view but it looks like that tool is possibly too thin to be a slick. If the blade is thin then my guess is that it is some form of scraper. Lots of ship scrapers are that shape too. If the blade is a bit beefy and it is was once honed like a chisel on one side it might be a slick.

NB. that log cabin was one on the timber building’s I have built that I was most proud of; it was definitely one of the most interesting. Last time I went back to NZ to visit family I discovered that the guy I built it for had died and his kids had parcelled up his farm and sold the land for housing. The cabin was gone. I imagine it got sold dismantled and reassembled somewhere else. I really hope so anyway.
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I just put ‘flared slick’ into google images. Lots of pictures like this one from a speciality tool maker for log building and timber framing in the US.
They have cut the handle length out when cropping the photos.


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You beat me to it DBC. I have spent a lot of time on the end of one those. Went to sea to see the world but spent a lot of time painting. It's one of those never ending jobs on a ship.