my first design commission

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24 Dec 2011
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scotsman in cornwall
This was my first proper design commission.
The trophies, 11 in total were awarded to candidates that improved local businesses in Cornwall funded by Unlocking Cornish Potential.
Inspiration for the spiral trophies was taken directly from nature and growth form. The Nautilus shell, fern, sunflowers and spiral galaxies all form the same algorythmic spiral. The design represents the growth that each canditate made to the new business they joined over the past year. 11 trophies were made in total and each one stacked on top of the other to also represent networking. Local lacewood was used along with 24kt gold leaf for the award winners name on the back. Finished with french polish.
The design was designed on Rhino and milled using Mayka and a Roland milling machine


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