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Microsoft ICE


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3 Sep 2003
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I've already mentioned on a couple of forums about a nifty free program from Microsoft called ICE. ICE stands for Image Composite Editor.

If you subscribe to a certain scroll saw magazine you will find it is accompanied by a very large pattern sheet. Of course, nobody likes to cut up the original pattern sheet so it is wise to copy it and cut up the copies. Unfortunately, most of us only have A4 size scanners so we have to fold the pattern sheet and scan it in sections. When we want to use the pattern, we have to print off several pages and join them with clear sticky tape.

Microsoft ICE is a big help in this regard because it automatically detects matching overlaps on a picture and seamlessly stitches them together. Of course, you are still limited by the maximum size of paper that your printer can accept but at least you have the option of taking the stitched image to a print shop and having it printed by one of their larger printers. It also means that the fiddly little components for some projects that lie at the edge of a scan can be copied onto a single sheet of A4 paper if required.