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Doug B

Shy Tot
6 Aug 2008
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Bit of a long shot but would anyone know which brand of MFC Roca use for their vanity units?
I’ve just fitted this one https://www.bathroomsuppliesonline....Alt4mpSD-h_7hQV4GpTY6aaZ0g3X5dYcaAvVnEALw_wcB

These are photos I took of the cabinet


Close up showing the slight texture


I need to make a unit so want to match the MFC to it.
I’d say your best bet is with Roca themselves . ( Edit -) do They do end panels as with kitchen cabinets or offer you the raw materials-+ edging but given the cost of that unit they make prefer to make you one bespoke at a similar price . Next bet is to find something close and accept it’s not identical and go from there - that’s how I’d approach it anyway .
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I recently made a cabinet to replace a range cooker with a cupboard and free-standing cooker. It was a rush job so no time to shop around and try to match the existing units so I plumped for contrast and used the oak effect MFC from B&Q as it was readily available.

It's difficult to match from photos but I'd suggest it's worth a look.

Looks a bit like Egger lake land Acasia but that is a real long shot, I do think you can search the egger website and order samples though.