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march 30 awareness


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25 Dec 2010
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Dunstable, Bedfordshire
ok sorry if this seems doom and gloom its not meant to be that way March 30th is Brain tumour awareness yes there is a life outside of woodworking for those that use facebook or those that don't have a look ( headsfirst Nicole Witts ) i have known this beautiful woman since being 17 i'm now 40 :eek: she has had a tough time yet remains upbeat, lesson for all of us could use some support sign the petition please every little helps spread the word it will only take a few mins to do :D .If you wish to read more about her and others brave battles with this horrible disease you can :D she has done so much since to raise awareness Nicole is a selfless person another lesson for all i'm just doing a little to help and would like to thank in advance those that read this and sign the petition many thanks and enjoy the wood working :wink: james aka feswood

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