Laminating solid oak floorboards to mage 100mm thick piece of timber

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16 Mar 2024
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Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scotland
I have about 60 pieces of unused solid oak floorboards, each piece 15mm thick and typically 1 metre long. Can I laminate say, six pieces to make 90mm thick piece of wood? I want to use it to make a wooden plane.
hello new member - are the oak boards engineered- several pieces glued together and the factory varnished or just 1 piece of solid untreated oak. Can’t see any issues with the latter as long as you can apply sufficient pressure to your 6 pieces while the glue sets . If it’s treated/ varnished by the manufacturer normal pva type glue’s will struggle to set as the glue will not be absorbed. I’m not that experienced with alternative glues but several members are . Hopefully they will offer their expertise. Good luck 🤞
You need to remove the varnished finish one side and possibly the stress reliving grooves the other side. I'd use epoxy for a really strong joint.
Yes epoxy would be the glue to use. I made a low angle shooting board plane using PVA and with big humidity changes had to do a repair job on it within 2 years.
Strike block plane 006.JPG
Used epoxy on the repair. Been fine after the repair.

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