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Found Lamello Clamex S18 and S20 Connectors


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29 Oct 2018
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Northallerton, North Yorkshire

I've a job for my grandson coming up where the Clamex may work well for possible dismantling of the units to be built.

At this stage I don't really want to fork out for a full set of connectors until I try one of each size preferably.

Of course, I'm more than happy to pay for the connectors and postage and in the hope that anyone has one of each size 'spare', I'd be grateful if they could ping me a personal message.

Thanks in advance.
I'm fairly sure I have something like those in a box, somewhere, when I get back to the shop, in a day or so, Ill look them out.
Found a pack of 10 of the S-18's, I cant remember when I bought them, but obviously used 8 of them for something.

Do you just want 1 to try? or you can have all 10 for £10.00 plus Postage, that will include all the connectors, the torx screwdriver and the plastic drill gauge, but not the 4mm offset plate:

clamex 1.jpgclamex 2.jpg

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