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I am a new member and was wondering if someone could help?

I have an opportunity to buy a Kity bestcombi (1 year old) and would appreciate any comments about performance, ease of use etc, etc.

I await your views.

Hey Brian,

Welcome to the site. Can't comment on Kity as I'm totally Kityless, indeed combinationless. Without knowing your situation with regard to shop size and existing tools / machinery I think you've got to weigh the known pros and cons of a combination machine and I'll let others with more experience in such matters do that. Personally I'm all separates - tablesaw, thicknesser, jointer etc. But that arrangement suits me and my workshop and the projects I attempt to build.
The combination issue has been on the agenda a few times in the past so a search may yield some info.


Noel, who's not much help tonight...
Hi Noely

Thanks for that, yes I have searched this site forum and many other sites including google but couldnt find any worthwhile reviews for it.

But thanks for the response and the welecome.


Welcome to the forum, Brian.

I assume we're talking a Bestcombi 2000 here? The review in GWW #65 (Jan '98 - my, how time flies) gives it 4/5 for performance and 3.5/5 for value for money. Obviously that rating'll depend on what's being asked for it now... Summing up:
Kity's Bestcombi 2000 is excellent value, but the optional extras quickly bump the price up. The extraction system is innovative and works well. The wheel kit is worth considering if space is tight. This is a basic but powerful machine that performs well and is easy to use.
Get on to Andy (Pete's still lording it up on holiday I think) for a back issue/photocopy of the two page review.

Cheers, Alf
Hi Alf

Thanks for that, seems quite a good review.

How do I contact Andy?


Ah, knew I'd forgotten something...
If you get a problem ordering back issues from Somerton, (they only stock the last six months, and once they are gone, that's it) we keep a limited amount in the office which we can send out.
We keep copies right back to issue 1, but a lot of these are only single issues, so if there are specific articles any reader is after we can photocopy them and send them out.
Photocopies are £2.50 each inc P&P.
Of course being a hi-tech company as we are, we can't take credit card details in the office, so it's a good old cheque or postal order if you need to go down this route.
Ideally, give us a call on 01225 442244 to see if we have any issues in question or if we can only offer photocopies and then send a cheque/postal order made out to Andy King....
Ooops, sorry! that should be Good Woodworking magazine
and mark it for the attention of Jan Evans and she will get the issue or photocopy out to you ASAP.

Or you could Private Message him. :)

Cheers, Alf
Ian Dalziel":36i7jdap said:
Andys on holiday 2 :lol:
So which issue is it they do about now? That's going to be a good'un then... :roll: Jeez, the doughnut eating seemed luxurious enough, but they're allowed holidays too?! Hey Phil, gissa a job... :wink:

Cheers, Alf

probobly autumn hows that for a guess, should be a good un as i think i've made front cover this time with the superstation it does everything except cook luxury doughnuts.

thats it diet for me with all this talk about donuts :oops:
i've spread out like a vomit/ burst couch not sure which :wink:


I would like to thank everyone who replied to my query particularly Chronosoft and MP who did so in some detail. Thanks.

Well an update:
I went to see the machine and it was indeed a kity bestcombi 2000 with only 4 functions. It was smaller than I expected and I was disappointed with the depth of cut of the saw. On my initial inspection I thought that the sliding carriage was quite sticky and the fence flimsy. But all this was to no avail as when I asked to see it in operation, the guy couldn't get it started. After checking the source, the extension cable and finally the plug fuse it would seem that the combi wasn't at its best. The guy said he would get back to me? but I am not sure that its the machine that I want.


Hi Brian,

shame it sounds like you had a wasted trip on this one, but if you do go back to look at either this one or another, check the safety cutout on the Planer/thicknesser guard/chip collector is properly engaged - from memory i think it may affect all 3 motor operations...

the rip fence should have a locking nut on the far end - it can be a bit wobbly if that is not tightened


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