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28 Oct 2011
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Hi got the band saw friday and been setting up over weekend , assembley was vey straight forward , for sure the cabinet instructions could have been clearer but the assembley is pretty intuitive . I have seen some reviews on their website where people have had problem fitting the door ? i had no such problems as the best thing to do is keep the cabinet bolts finger tight until you have assembled and put the door on then just straighten the cabinet with the door in place and tighten all bolts... simple !

On the advice by axminster i changed the blade for the axcalibur one that comes supplied , first time i have ever changed a bandsaw blade and after couple false starts i soon got the hang of tensioning and tracking.

the whole saw fit togther really well the bolt for fixing the table was a bit fiddeley but apart from that no probs

set it up in my workshop , and turned on there was no vibration and was tracking smooth.

the blade is a bit coarse as it is a 1/2 inch 6 tpi a few free hand cuts in 22mm soft wood and 50mm pitch pine were ok a bit hit and miss ( due to being a novice )

i then tried with the fence on and was really impressed , the cut was parrellel
to within a 1/4 of a mm with no adjustment by me ! the finish is not bad i think i need a finer tpi maybe 11 ? ( any suggestions ?)

I the tried a cross cut with the sliding mitre fence and after a couple of tiny adjustments to the angle i got a perfect 90 degree cut !

it cut 60mm pitch pine quite easily so overall i am really impressed with machine for money .

the only niggle was the table insert wont fit with 1//3 inch blade but just got to make bit deeper slot.

i will update when i have done some work in anger but i can see it being a lot easier and quicker for the straight peices and cross cuts on my rocking horses !