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Jet 16-32 Plus drum sander -SOLD


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3 Jan 2014
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Up for sale is my Jet 16-32 Plus drum sander.

I bought this for a project where I needed to do a bunch of bent laminations for railings around a cot bed. It worked perfectly for that project, but sadly I've not used it since.

I've got a couple of extra rolls of sandpaper for the machine which will go along with it, as well as the original manuals.

The pictures aren't the best, and the machine is a bit on the dusty side, but it's in excellent working condition. I've probably put less then 60 minutes on the motor all told, and I've not even changed out the sandpaper that it came with - which is still practically unused.

These are darned expensive when new, and they don't seem to come up for sale used all that often (which it why I ended up having to buy it new myself, annoyingly enough).

Price: £750

Shipping is possible at buyers expense, though pickup is always preferred - I'm located in the Newbury area.

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Morning Sir, it feels a little cheeky to ask seeing as the machine is obviously in pristine condition, but are you open to offers? I've £650 at my disposal and could be in Newbury this Saturday if convenient.