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importing timbers


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28 Apr 2020
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Hi All,

has anyone ever thought about importing exotic hardwoods direct from africa? the prices in the uk are so high for timbers like padauk, wenge etc it would make sense to try to go direct and buy in bulk, the problem I'm having is knowing which company is a scam (prob about 80% of them) and which once source their timbers correctly and are licenced with all the correct paperwork to export. It would also it would be ideal to be able to buy a mixed 20' container full rather then just one timber.

Has anyone ever tried this before or does anyone know any legit exporters? my plan was to buy a container full, sell 75% with a small markup and then use the rest.

What would be the dream situation would be to find a group of buyers who all split the products and cost to increase buying power so we can all source cheap/er timbers.