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Steve Maskery

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26 Apr 2004
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A little while back we were discussing glues and I very authoratitititivly said that I had some Cascamite which was still good after 2.5 millennia. Well, I tried to use it today and it was off. Lumpy. Couldn't get it smooth. I didn't dare use it for an outside patio table in iroko so I binned it. A large tub of the stuff. :evil:
So it doesn't last forever. :oops:

Talking of off, I've just opened a bottle of Yellow Label and it's corked. At least Sainsbury's don't normally argue.

Must get back to my Liver with Herbs.

Sounds to me like it got a little bit damp. Water vapour got in, some of it reacted and started to set, thus it was impossible to get the mix smooth. I agree with your original thought, that it would have lasted if it had stayed absolutely dry

Have you thought though Steeve in 2500 years time that lump of cascamite might still be lying around (in some waste site :twisted: )

Perhaps the EU will demand that all cascamite must be ground down to powder before being dumped :roll:
Shelf life of Cascamite (or is it Extramite now) seems to be very variable - I had some small tins (shows how long ago that was!) that lasted for several years if unopened. Equally, I have had stuff in the plastic containers, that should be more airtight, go off in months. I wonder if it depends on how damp the air is when the container is open?

But I'm still a fan of the stuff.

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