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21 Mar 2017
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Why do current brass drawnbutt hinges seem to be soo poorly suited to higher quality work. The problem is that the hinges are made with a relatively large knuckle but thinner leaves. This means that if the hinges are fitted with the leaves set flush in the door and frame/carcase then there is a large gap up the hinge line. The only way to get round this is to set the hinges slightly deeper but this leaves an unsightly step around the hinges
I have just taken 4 hinges out of stock and measured then they are in the photo from the left as
21/2 inch hinge knuckle 5.8mm leaf thickness 1.8mm gap 2.2mm
2 inch hinge knuckle 4.5mm leaf thickness 1.5mm gap 1.5mm
11/2 inch hinge knuckle4.08mm leaf thickness 1.45mm gap 1.1mm (old screwfix)
11/2 inch hinge knuckle 4.4mm leaf thickness 1.85mm gap 0.7mm (older much better quality )

Only the last hinge is about right for fine fitting but these are too small for anything other than very small doors or box lids and a bit too big a gap for a fine box
Only Andrew Crawfords box hinges and Brusso are about right but Brusso only go up to 2 inch and they are so expensive

What are other peoples experience and can anybody recommend any realistically priced quality drawn brass butt hinges



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Further to my first loot as some stock hinges, I needed some 2 1/2 inch hinges for a project so I have had a look at these from Simonswerk, Basta Parsons (formerly Worcester Parsons) and Screwfix. They are all solid drawn brass butt hinges but there are quite a few differences

Screwfix cost £2.70 pr Leaf thickness1.8mm knuckle 5.8mm pin 3.2nn gap2.2mm Stiff but also a bit of play in the hinge
I have used a lot of these and they are very good value and OK in slightly cheaper cabinets. The gap between the door and the frame can be reduced by sinking the hinge slightly deeper than the leaf thickness. No issues with any play once installed as a pair. It doesnt take much work to polish them up to look almost as good as the other 2. One thing to look out for is the holes are not always in the same position so you have to treat each hinge individually

Basta Parsons cost £9.30 pr Leaf thickness 2.30 tapering 2.10mm knuckle 5.45mm pin 2.5mm gap 1mm very slightly loose but minimal
Nice hinges but a bit disappointed with the play in the hinge. Perfect alignment of the screw holes

Simonswerk cost £8.50 pr Leaf thickness 2.35 tapering to 2.15mm knuckle 5.55mm pin 3.2mm smooth, gap 0.9mm No play
Really nice good quality. Definitely the best option for better quality work. Give a nice door clearance when set flush. Perfect alignment of teh screw

Images below are left to right Simonswerk, Basta Parsons, Screwfix out of the box. All of them need a slight clean up and polish before I would fit them
These results could be slightly different on different size hinges