Garden table and chairs ideas, plans?

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4 Sep 2006
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Missus wants a new garden table and chairs set and has quoted frighteningly high prices to me of buying a set in.

As I don't want cheap metal crappy stuff, and would prefer something in a nice hardwood, I'm scouting for suitable ideas and preferably plans.

Any ideas guys?
I've been collecting cast iron bench and table ends off Ebay ready to fit new wood.
Some go for silly money but there are bargains too such as 3 pairs of bench/chair ends for £12.50 a couple of weeks back.

Might suit you too?

Effigy, here's an idea, take swimbo around to a garden centre with a camera. Photograph the ones she likes, measure them and draw up the plans in sketchup. Sorted, and browny points :lol:
The "Adirondack" chair is commoner in the US than it is here, but they are more comfortable than they look, easyish to make, and there are lots of (US) plans around on line.

Someone on here did some really nice ones from recycled oak cupboard doors a while back.
Judging by my experience stay well away from the cheaper Eastern made variety you get in the big stores anyway Frank. Very very poor value no matter how little you pay for them. Maybe the better iroko items are OK, but go with caution.

Luckily we paid very little (near to end of season), but the wood is soft, fungus and split prone rubbish (not sure what it is, a reddish non local something or other which when new looked like it might have been something a bit more respectable), there's no even slightly waterproof finish (only a stain), and the glue used to joint the wood to make the blanks is not waterproof.

They got rained on a few times, but nothing major. We'll be lucky to get another season out of them unless a good soaking in Danish oil will stabilise the situation.

I've just spent an afternoon and a bottle of chair doctor glue fixing 5 chairs and a table - almost every small clamp i have is in use (5 - 6 per chair)
Doesn't come under 'table and chairs' but these these didn't cost me much.

They have just had their first winter under green plastic covers in the garden and I'm pleasantly surprised to say both the cheap Toolstation Yacht varnish and the PU glue joints are all in good order :)

Just spent the evening sitting in them having a couple of beers.

I've been similarily tasked, although slightly more specific...

I am looking at building a table and 4 or better 6 chairs (or 4 chairs and a bench) in oak.
That was the whole brief. I will follow this thread closely!
I just made a pair fo oak outdoor chairs for our wedding anniv. They were largely 'made up as I went along' from bits left over from jobs.

Very nice Tim.

I wish my scrap box was endowed with such left overs - especially to support a pair of chairs!

I think I have a good idea now of what I'd like to do, thanks for the comments :D

Nice chair Tim.

Henning - let me know your progress. :wink: