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19 Sep 2011
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Nr. Swansea
Just one of many new items for this years craft fairs, a doggie key rack made from Iroko. It was dipped in teak oil and then polished with Bri-wax.


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Looks like another good seller, Geoff, though I think my personal preference would be without the tongue hanging out. ;)


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Very nice design Geoff :) I reckon you'll sell a few of those. Are you do one for cat lovers?
Iroko - I have quite a length of this in 30mm thick, and as of yet not found the time, but mine seems darker and its very oily and also seems that the grain is very - how can I say it easy to get splinters from.

Geoff can I call on your experience to help guide me to the future use of such a lovely wood.
Hi Toesy. Iroko is like no other wood I have ever used and every time I get a delivery it seems different. It can vary dramatically in colour, is quite close grained and as you ay, quite an oily wood, similar to teak in a way. The thing I find very annoying with iron is that some planks I get are what I call flakey, it is almost as though it is made up of layers but some of the layers are loose and not binding to each other very well.

It is a really nice wood for many of the things I make but whenver I make something I have to examine the piece of iroko I am using very carefully as one or two flakes, as I will call the, seem to be coming adrift. I get round this by sanding it back on my belt sander. this often cures the problem, the flakes though become even more highlighted when I apply a sealer or give it an oil finish. I feel more splinters will be had from this wood than any other so be wary of running your hand over it.

Pete. I have already done two cat ones so the pet lovers are well catered for at the craft fairs.