Foam gun?

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11 Feb 2003
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I need to buy a foam gun to help with the garage to workshop conversion I’ve just started. A simple search reveals hundreds and I’m wondering if there are any recommendations for a cheap gun (that probably won’t get much use afterwards). Likewise any to avoid?
They are much of a muchness, I’ve owned three variants and they all did the job, my current is this....
The first two were similar in price, but through poor maintenance on my part had to be replaced, just ensure you clean the nozzle after each use to prevent it blocking and use a scew on foam cleaner between canister changes.
The screwfix and toolstation ones for like £12-£15 are perfectly adequate, not amazing but good enough.

My advice would be to buy more foam-gun cleaner than you think you'll need, as it gets used up fair quick and if you run out with foam still in the gun it will be toast.