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FL&B door - rebate, groove or both?


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7 Oct 2009
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East Sussex
I have a Framed Ledged and Braced door to make.
It is supposed to be a direct copy of the one it's replacing.

When i went to look at it, the t&g boards had a tongue machined up the sides and along the top, which fitted into a groove in the top rail and stiles. There was no rebate that the boards were in. This meant there was not a decent way of fixing the boards and that is the main reason that the door failed.

I've seen (and made) doors with just a rebate and also a rebate and a groove with tongues on the t&g.

Does anyone here make (or seen) a door with just the groove in the frame and tongue on the boards? I can see it would be easier to make, but i obviously don't want my door to fail in the same way as the original one did. - I suppose i could just pin through the tongue from the front and a dab of glue in the centre of each board.... I think i'll have to convince them that a direct copy isn't the best idea.

Anyone have any opinions?

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