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Finishing a Pine Plywood Entertainment Unit


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23 Jul 2020
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Hi Everyone,

I've been a long time lurker of these boards picking up countless tips and reviews however i'm now at a bit of a stumbling block and need some advice.

The entertainment unit is made of 18mm pine plywood that sits on 6 castors as it covers a hideous fireplace but is also movable for gas safety inspections. There are 4 3mm sliding doors on the front.

What I've built what i think is a really nice looking unit which just needs a PU coating however my sister-in-law has said she likes the wood grain but wants it darker, almost walnut in colour.
What are my options? my limited experience has only been with Fiddes Supreme Wax.

The bottom part of the unit will externally be wrapped in a white high gloss vinyl and the doors are temporary, they will be replaced with rose gold perspex.

Any input is appreciated!

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