FINISHED.New pics. Media/library unit,floor,sashes,panelling

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11 Jan 2012
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Made from MR MDF
Doors swung on concealed, soft-close hinges
Edges sealed with zinnser bin. All ready for customer to prime and paint
Doors are shaker with small moulding glued and pinned on
Picture rail removed from wall, cleaned up and then fixed to top
Handles to be added after painting

Cheers for looking

Wall panelling.
MR MDF glued and pinned on then plugged and screwed (hidden under mouldings)

Mouldings match those in the doors
Dado rail to fit

Cheers for looking

Well, it's all finally completed. What ya reckon?

That should fit the bill nicely. Let's hope the customer does a decent paint job on it.
RogerM":17b3oilf said:
That should fit the bill nicely. Let's hope the customer does a decent paint job on it.

I'd quoted to paint it. He wishes he said yes.

He'll be painting it in Johnstones acrylic eggshell colour matched to Farrow & Ball, Railings
Blimey. are you trying to corner the market in MR MDF? :D Presumably a different brand of MDF as the colour is different? loks like that's going to be a nice room when painted out.
Yep, different brand.....which I'm not overly pleased with to be honest. But the result is prett damn cool.

Am also looking forward to it being painted.
Neat and tidy work.
I wish I had the nerve to choose a colour scheme like that - I think it looks really stylish.
Looks like a Gentlemans Club in that there London. Very nice work but a bit too dark for my liking.

That MRMDF looks like some i got, which was ordered in for me. The centre is green as per, but the outside is the usual browny colour of normal MDF, like a sandwich. I didn't like it at all and prefer the fully green one they supplied the first time i ordered it in. I told them (Howarth Timber) that i wasn't keen but they said they had switched suppliers. I'll order elsewhere from now on.
That looks awesome, something unique, bold, perhaps not not all tastes, but a fantastic outcome.

How did you mount the mdf on the wall? Guessing, as an old house, that nothing was straight and true.

Yes. Nothing was straight at the corners but in fairness it wasn't too bad as some properties around here.

The boards were screwed, glued and pinned in places.
Very nice, please can you tell me what thickness of MDF you used on the walls? Please can you also tell me if you took the skirting off and re-fixed it on top of the MDF?


Cheers DT. Only just saw your comment so sorry for the late reply.

The boards on the wall are 6mm MR MDF. Glued, pinned and screwed. Beading covers most of the holes.

I advised the customer to take the skirting off and then put it back on which I think would be the best way however the customer said no so it was scribed to the skirting and the picture rail. I added a very small chamfer where these meet and also where the boards meet each other.

It all worked very well in the end. Hadn't done anything like it before.

Thankfully, the customer chose to paint it all themselves. Not something they will be doing again I've been told.