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This has a 2000 watt induction motor with an extension table from screwfix. Its a 12" blade.

Does anyone have one or know the tool ?
Fraid so :lol:

I lost my password and the system did not recognise my email :? so had to re-register.

...but hey whats an L among friends :lol:

Howz about that ferm saw?

Seems great, the induction motor, might be a good buy.
Have a look at the Screwfix forum - there's quite a few generally good comments on this saw. It does look good value.
There's even a few recommendations on how to improve things with a few adjustments.
Gidon, had a look, it seems this could be one of ferms better tools.

Thanks for the tip :)

If my Ferm saw is anything to go by... be wairy of the throat plate. Fragile as hell and a country mile from flush with the table.
Thanks Mike.

Something of the plate was mentioned in the screwfix forum. I believe it was replaced with a homemade one, along with fence improvements.

Apparently the saw then makes up into a useful tool.
Yes the throat plate is rubbish and will soon break but its easy enough to make a new one and the other problem is the fence which is nut robust enough to stop the far end pushing away as you feed through the wood.
The easy answer for this is to clamp a small piece of wood against the far end to stop it pushing away. After saying all this the saw itself is very good for the money.

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