Falling a Big Fir


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Joe Emel. 47. From an old logging and pioneer family here…French Canadian and Scandinavian origins. High Climber. Arborist. Good friend. Son Joey on a full academic ride at Univ Idaho in Forestry…with a minor in Wetlands Science, perhaps because of my humble counsel.


Danger tree… developing root rot and too close to the house. 52” Diameter at Breast Height (DBH)…180’ tall…already limbed and topped and bed prepared for falling.


Face Cut…People and dogs out of the house and moved to a safe distance…


Back Cut and Driving Wedges…that’s a falling axe for wedging the tree down in helper Billy’s hands…


Finishing Hinge and the bole tips.


Falling! (I was too close and the camera shook.) Boom!


Bucking and Trimming… notice the hinge was cut fatter on the side away from the house? Think thru how the tree was wedged down (not cut down completely) and you'll understand why.


Loading for the Trip to the Mill


The tree was a disappointment…and it went to the commercial mill at the request of the owner. Construction wood. Sun-grown, rough (big knots) 100 year old second growth….4-6 rings per inch on inside and 8 rings per inch on outside. Dimensional structural lumber from the lower logs and beams from the rough upper logs.

Wasn’t a forest tree….the coastal strip was logged beginning in 1850 from the water…that’s Hood Canal in the background…and the subsequent full-sun and full-wind trees are wide-ringed, pitch-pocketed and rough.

The second one we did later in the day...slightly smaller but much better...I'm moving the mill to...and will post pics in the future of milling the logs for 85-year-old Earl Johnson on shares. If you've never made boards starting from a standing tree, you may find it interesting.

Copyright 2003. Bob Smalser, Habitat Biologist, Sprague Pond Wildlife Refuge, Camp Union, Washington.
Welcome to the forum, Bob, I've enjoyed reading your stuff on Knots forum, will enjoy it even more when I get a quicker connection!
I expect the others will find this stuff fascinating too

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