Eco Wood Treatment (ecowoodtreatment) - has anyone used it?

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17 May 2012
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South West Wales

I've found a few threads about this stuff but not many. So I thought I would make a new thread to ask whether anyone has direct experience of using it? If anyone has used it a long time ago, how has it held up?

Even if you haven't used it, any thoughts on its effectiveness?

To begin with I plan to use it on old fence posts and other timbers which I have re-purposed to make some firewood shelters. But in time I'm sure I'll find plenty of other uses if it's good...

Many thanks
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I bought some a couple of years ago to use on some posts, it made the wood go grey quickly (which I wanted) and they haven't gone rotten yet!

When I first received it I felt a bit cheated as for about £20 all you get is a small packet of powder that would fit in a matchbox, it does mix with water to make a gallon of preserver though so it is as advertised, think I was just picturing a bigger packet.

It is really easy to apply but as with any preserver it's impossible to say how well it actually works.

This is one of the posts now, can't really remember but think they started out as rough sawn tanalised fence posts which I planed up.

eco post 1.jpg

Noticed the tops are quite badly cracked which can't be good.......

eco post 2.jpg

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