Dremel Router Attachments ?


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As my woodworking projects appear to be heading ever more towards finer detail I am thinking of investing in a Dremel 330 Router Attachment (MIC230 Axminster) and perhaps a Dremel 231 Router Table (MIC231 Axminster). Does anyone have any opinions about these two attachments ?

Many thanks,

Hi Chaz

I've got them both and I love them to bits! I use my Dremel router table mounted onto the survivor of a naff nest of coffee tables and it's seen more action than I ever thought possible over the last few years. It's particularly suited to thicknessing very fine pieces of wood, believe it or not :shock: ! Anyone who makes small pieces such as doll's house furniture will find them very useful, the router table particularly so. My Dremel has a variable speed control which is handy - I should imagine that at full whack it could splinter some fine wood. So I rarely go above half speed when thicknessing.

To be honest, I'd rather use the Dremel than my old Bosch 400 or new Trend T9. Only point to watch out for is with the cutters which are HSS and therefore need a little extra care with routine maintenance.

I know, I'm a lost cause... such street cred as I might have hoped for in the woodworking world has just gone whizzing out of the window :lol: .



PS - I'd be very interested to know if you find your new inlay book at all useful. I might add a copy to my collection, too.
Hi Gill,

Thanks for your reply. I'll let you know about the Inlay book as soon as it arrives, but it's on a 1-2 week delivery at present so it won't be in the near future :roll: :D

Do you know, or anyone else, if TCT router bits are available for the Dremel Router Attachment ? I see Axminster sell the HSS type but no sign of TCT bits.


I see what you mean, I hope I haven't started on yet another search for something uncommon :D
Hi Gill

Tried to post directly to you on the member list but you did not have an Email option.

I am building a dolls house and am interested in your comments on the Dremmel. Could you recommend a good retailer in the UK where I could buy the router attachments and cutters from? This may be cheaper than than using my Trend T5E to form the window frames and door mouldings?

I would also be interested in your views on mini saws such as the Prexon (if I've spelled it correctly)?


The Wizard
Hi Chris

Basic Dremel accessories such as cutters are pretty widely available, along with most of the specialist accessories. I got my router base from a local ironmongers and the router table came from Hawk Woods in Coventry. That was quite a few years ago, though. I seem to recall seeing the router base in a local B&Q warehouse recently but I don't think they had the table. I've got to agree that your best bet for this is probably Axminster (so you may as well get the router base there simultaneously :) ). For myself, I love the router table but I'm sure an enterprising woodworker could easily adapt the router base to fit into a homemade table (if that woodworker wanted to save some money ;) ).

I've never used a mini saw - I've never seen the point of them. When cutting small pieces of wood by hand I prefer the control that a gentleman's saw and a bench hook give over straight lines. The lack of set on this handsaw is a distinct advantage when cutting fine pieces of wood. I use an electric scroll saw (a Hegner 2 in my case) for lines where straightness isn't an issue, but a coping saw or manual fretsaw would be just as good, albeit much slower.

Hope this helps. I've never made a doll's house but I've made a couple of Swiss chalets from "Hobbys" plans which turned out nicely. I wish I'd taken some photos before they went to their new owners :( so that I could show you what these simple tools can achieve.



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