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9 Nov 2018
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St Albans
I’m looking at buying a house with a one and a half size garage. I would like to convert this to a humidity/temperature controlled workshop. Is a single brick skinned building a reasonable starting point or should I look to build a separate workshop?
Not a particularly great starting point, you'll pretty much end up constructing a new building inside the garage and using the bricks as a rain screen.
I run a full time woodworking business from a converted 1 3/4 size garage.
Insulated for sound and temp only heated by a couple of oil filled rads in winter, dont have any humid issues
I would say it depends on what you want to make and how you want to make it
I will get the other 1/4 sometime next year which will be used for dust extraction and a few storage shelves
Drop me a PM happy to help more