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I need a small quantity of maple for a project but it has to be really clear - no brown marks at all. One 10" board, or two 5" would do me. Anyone got any suggestions as I'm having a dickens of a job finding totally clear boards?
You are asking a lot for a clear 10" board, is that one side or both and what thickness & length ? You will have more luck with two 5" boards or get a thicker board, deep cut it and book match the grain.

Have you given South london hardwoods a call, though I doubt they will have a 10" wide board, they would not be able to gaurantee what it would be like if they had to get one in. I've had quite a bit of maple from them in the past. All the frame material in this wardrobecame from them as 9" boards, nice & clear.

Does it have to be maple? It might be easier to find a totally clear sycamore board instead? Try John Boddy as well - does it have to be clear both faces?


I ended up at SLH. Found a board that was reasonably clear - at least I can use about half of it.

Had to be maple - I'm building an art deco style hall table and have a lovely piece of tiger maple for the top so I want to match it. The unit will have dark black walnut legs and three glass panel inserts for the top sitting on padauk.

Got the top machined and assembled today. Cut and planed the walnut to size for the legs (not as dark as I'd like but a bit of extra stain will do the job). Got the SLH wood cut and planed so it'll look OK. Had to change the design slightly - will put a very small overhang (1/32") on the top to the SLH sides as a perfect butt wouldn't look so good.

Going away for a couple of weeks (work :( ) so can't do any more until mid Sept.

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