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I had a Tesco delivery this morning. Really nice bloke, I had it delivered to the entrance to the garage, as he went back to the van for more I came forward and took it to the back, and so on. We chatted a little (at a safe distance) and after a little he described how this morning, before work, he'd broken down in tears. I told him the rest of us are totally dependant on people like him and thanked him. The thing is to remember all these people when things return to normal.
It'd be a bit pointless me doing it. No-one would hear. But I love the idea. In Spain it was spontaneous, not organised, and now is a huge thing every day.
The girl from Tesco delivered yesterday and made a fuss of the dog. Oh, don't bite a hole in my glove, she said, I've only one pair. I said surely they give you more than one pair? No, she said, they don't provide them, these are mine and I've only got one pair. She went off a bit happier and pathetically grateful when I gave her a dozen or so pairs of nitrile one. I gave the Pakistani guy in the local shop a litre of IPA and said you can undoubtedly find a use for this - I seriously thought he was going to burst into tears.
Not usually my thing but since I owe the NHS my life a few times over I clapped and posted to show Fatmans family loves the NHS =D> =D> =D>
I did it and was pleased to hear that I was not the only one in the street doing so. A couple of cars honked, too.
I was rather saddened to realise that we were in quite a small minority, though. Admittedly I'm wearing my specs rather than my contact lenses, so I can't see very well, and it was dark, but I couldn't actually see anyone else, only hear them.
My wife and I also did it, there were several people in our street doing it, we even Had a fire work sent up by someone, we live in a bungalow and most of our street are very elderly and many were house bound before the lockdown so I clapped extremely loudly on there behalf.
We could hear a lot from surrounding streets also
Our town was pleasingly noisy. Even some fireworks.

The local covid support group on facebook was humming, and since it was an official event for our company (our boss is very community minded) our whatsapp group was full of input too.

I was very pleased. I hope it gave a lift to all those struggling to care and cope.
That explains something :-k
I wondered why the neighbours gave me a round of applause when I took the bin out :shock:
My daughter is a nurse (admittedly psychiatric rather than medical) but got drafted into A&E to help out.

They are doing a very hard job (remember for not very much money) not helped by some of the patients. Yesterday the hospital security guard had to grapple a "patient" to the floor because of aggressive behaviour wanting to be seen ahead of the queue. Yes the SFB has the virus, now the security guard is in isolation, and he has a wife and small kids at home.
I didn't know this was a thing - but come 8pm in my street, nothing. Probably because better than 60% of the road is student accommodation.

However yesterday morning I DID make an effort to stand by my bins as they came and collected them and said thanks for doing a job most people don't recognise, but only now are realising how important it is (removing potentially contaminated waste), the guy, a pretty stocky looking mid 40's looked quite embarressed.

It's quite sad that when others take the time to give recognition to these people, it becomes blatently apparent that they are not remotely prepared for it.