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Busy two days


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18 Sep 2008
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Canterbury United Kingdom
A busy couple of days, yesterday started with a phone call to Record power yet again. I got a replacement motor Saturday after months of waiting to find they have changed the shaft diameter from 5/8" to 16mm it may only be a few thousands of an inch different but it was the difference of the pulley not fitting so now have to wait for a new pulley

After that decided to have a little play with the vacuum pump I was given started well until I managed to drop a vane and spring which is not over big I just walked out of the shed in disgust with myself and went for a cup of coffee to calm down.
Emptied the vac and start to vac up around the area it dropped planning to empty this onto a newspaper to find the missing parts vacuumed the carpet and went to move something and there it was sitting on the table of my scroll saw which is stored under the bench, the spring still in the hole of the vane.

Got it all assembled and a very quick test as I have not got any oil yet all sounded good and no unwanted noises.
In for another coffee and ordered the oil.

Now for the lathe removed and fitted the new motor minus the pulley, then rewired so that is now ready for the pulley and I can play again.

Now I know why I don't miss playing mechanic dirty hands.

A quick bite to eat and another coffee before heading up the garden to dig the greenhouse border and a general tidy up ready for tomatoes and cucumber to be planted.

Today sat waiting for the new pulley from Record power, I had to sit indoors as the wife went out and you know what happens if you go to the shed for a minute. Anyway, it turned up and after a little work, the lathe is now up and running. It now sounds much quieter now I can get back to some turning.

Hope you all had a better couple of days than I did.