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Briwax antique pine vs medium brown


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24 Feb 2006
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Tring - Herts
I completed a rustic pine coffee table this week, waxed it and delivered it to our friends. It is to match a similar pine dining table I made 3 / 4 years ago.

I finished the dining table in Briwax antique pine. I used the same tin to do the coffee table and thought it would match well. Granted the dining table has not been rewaxed since I made it but it is so very different and the pieces really dont match.

I found out at work that Briwax actually went out of business but came back again. However stopped making Antique pine. We do an alternative but everyone is saying that most people use medium brown as it is a much nicer colour.

Really not that taken with the coffee table colour.

I still have to make a TV unit, side board and 2 side tables to match the coffee table.

So, do I sand the new coffee table back and use medium brown on both this and the dining table and all the other bits? Or sand back the dining table and use the new replacement antique pine and continue to use it on all the other bits and hope it matches the coffee table.

Or could I get away with a light sand / webrax or something and just put the medium brown over the top?

What do you use?

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