Bosch PBD 40 drill on offer

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Tempting. I'm struggling to find a spec that includes the throat dimension though. Any current users with that information to hand?
I was going to buy one yesterday, looked at a couple of you tube videos and found that it has run out. Newbie question, do all modern drill presses have run out?
I think with the supplied chuck run-out is about 0.2mm - if it's for wood I'd personally live with it.

If its for metal you can buy an upgraded chuck (Rohm Supra-s 871050 1/2"-20) for about £70 that reduces runout to about 0.07mm
I’m working on the assumption it will have less runout than my current bottom of the range Axminster craft, and the benefits of electronic speed control, no slipping belt, functional depth stop etc. It’s much cheaper than the upgrades I had been considering.
Yeah, I think it's easy to get information overload these days, concentrating on every negative you see and you end up wanting £1000 performance for £10 price :D

@William pang
Try putting ' Rohm Supra-s 871050 1/2"-20 ' into google?
Very true, the only other thing I dont like is the circular handle. Lidl as the Bosch rip off coming this week but from youtube apparantly the Bosch is much more refined. Thoughts?
I had this in my basket today but it went out of stock before I pulled the trigger 😭.

I think this might be my first post?! Hi!
Mine was from CPC - I'd only been awake 15 minutes when I made that post, I just guessed at the figure :D
I have one of these. Really happy with the performance and accuracy. Had to adjust the ‘laser cross hairs’ as they were out of alignment with drill bit. The round wheel takes a bit of getting used to but I fitted a steering wheel knob (£6ish from Amazon?) to it and it’s now easier to use than my standard 3 arm pedestal drill.
The park side lidl one is in stores from this weekend. I had one of my German friends translate a you tube video comparing with the Bosch and the edged towards the Bosch off course. Being both made in China I can’t help wondering if they are both from the same factory obviously slightly different design. Will have a think. Ps. Bisch bash Bosch on you tube seems to like the scheppah
I wasn't aware the Scheppach one existed - looks almost identical to the Bosch and at £130 on the Aldi website looks to be a great deal.

I was delighted to pick up the Bosch at £188 but now I'm not so sure :).
I can't honestly remember how much I paid for mine but I don't and won't regret a single penny of whatever it was I paid for it because it has made drilling so much simpler.

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