Bent laminate flooring

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28 Aug 2016
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Any laminate flooring experts out there?

Am fitting some laminate flooring for my sister that she bought from B&Q. Think it was only about £8 m2 so wasn't expecting it to be great. There are a lot of boards that are bent (spring), if I put my level on the tongue edge there is a 3 mm gap at each end or 3mm hollow in middle on groove side. Thing is they are all bent the same way. First few packs had some straight ones in which got me started but some of the packs every board is bent. She is taking the bent ones back and getting some more but I can see us having to go through loads of packs to get enough.

Did her living room yesterday with some that was slightly more expensive and it went really well.

Is this stuff normally this bad, never had much to do with it?

Thanks in advance, Doug