Axminster SATURDAY Meet-Up

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24 Nov 2003
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Dorset, England.
Hi All,
This thread is for the sad souls who are going to Axminster on the Saturday. How about meeting at Chestnut's stand at 12:00 (if that's cool with you Terry?)
I will be there, a red carnation in my lapel (and a L-N in my carrier bag..... :lol: )
Philly :D
That sounds fine with me, if Terry doesn't mind his stand being the UKW meeting place :wink:

I'll be the guy wearing a UKW shirt (sad I know :oops: ) and a LN catalogue in my carrier bag..
Great stuff-we can talk about my new section on the forum. And my Moderatorship........ :roll: :twisted:
Just joking-be good to meet up!
see you then
Philly :D
I plan to be there on Thursday and Saturday if my legs last out long enough.
I will sport a mini "Aldel's Woodrat Web Page" badge. I am that big bloke with a walking stick!
If you see me please come up and introduce yourself. It would be good to have a quick chat --- it could well stop me purchasing something that I don't really need!!

cheers Aldel

I am hoping to make it down on the Saturday - depends on a few other factors though :?

If I do make it, I'm the one with a beard and a Welsh accent (surprisingly enough!!). :)
Hi Guys

Feel free to use the area around our stand as a meeting point, I've no problem with that (so long as you don't prevent the hordes of people heading to our stand to spend their hard earned money from doing so! ;) ).

And don't forget to come and say hello too, I might not be able to desert the stand to join in the general meet but would be nice to put some faces to postings!

Look forward to seeing you... the offer to meet at 'my place' is valid for all days of the show, no need to ask!
Anyone going on Friday to the show? Only day I can make it.

New to the forum - looks good. Been in furniture making (as a business)for about a year now - love it, poor as a church mouse. :D

Hope to become much more involved here

if your going to the show please take a look at my segmented bowls and vase on the merseyside woodturners stand . its the first time i tried making them the larger one has 27 pieces . thanks

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