AT-6D Harvard

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30 Apr 2021
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New Zealand
Here a couple of Harvards or Texans if you prefer the American name. One for a good customer of mine and the other I will keep for a few weeks until such time as either I or the Child Bride get tired of it cluttering up the place whereupon it will be given away to a good home.
It's not an attractive aeroplane but has a bit of nostalgia attached. The RNZAF had 40 or so Harvard trainers and the primary school I attended was close to the base where they were stationed and when the wind was right the take off was directly over the school. The sight of a low flying Harvard and the wonderful snarl of its engine at full noise was too much and I was forever being sent to stand in the corner for looking out the window instead of paying intention to a crotchety teacher nun who was entirely devoid of any appreciation of the finer things in life.
As usual with this sort of model there were difficulties with the wing/fuselage joint. The problem is that the fuselage is almost an exact circle and the wing root has a pronounced aerofoil shape and is mounted low down on the fuselage, which in turn means that the joint angles are constantly changing and I just can't visualise how to do it. Consequently I'm like the man trying to level a table by chopping bits off legs to eliminate the wobble and end up with a table only a foot off the floor. That happened to the wing and I had to make a new one. It should be simple and I wish I could get it right.



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