Anyone got 3 phase and need a motor ?

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19 Oct 2002
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Sudbury, Suffolk
I have bought a New, old Saw which had a 3 phase 2 hp motor fitted. I have swapped this out for a single phase 3 hp motor so now a spare 3 phase motor.

Can any one put this motor, starter and lead complete with plug to good use in their workshop, I am very jealous if you have 3 phase, but I need the space. Its old, so the shaft is 5/8" it runs at 2800rpm and I know it goes as the guy I bought the saw from had 3 phase and I saw it run. :D
If you can pick it up its yours. If I need to try and post it to you, the postman will need a truss! No idea how much it will cost to ship, but you will need to pay for it.

PM me if you are interested.

Where is your spirit of goodwill to all woodworkers. :shock: :wink:

I am please to say that next year one of our members will be collecting the motor. :D
Hi Dave

asleitch":1knrcx3s said:
Get it flogged on ebay. :wink:

See what happens when you become a mod. All of those bundles of juicy fifties that Charley promises just go to your head and you become money crazed.

Now, what can I sell on ebay. :wink: