Any one repaired a Henry Hoover?

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22 Sep 2017
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Norfolk Broads
Just picked up a Henry that had let the magic smoke out - any one put a new motor in said beasty and if so where to get spares?
My experience with a Bosch vacuum was, that while it was easy enough to work on the price of the motor was prohibitive.
I was lucky as the smoke hadn't escaped and I was able to repair it using gorilla glue.
It's been going for months now.
Many years ago I bought a motor from Apex Cleaning in Essex [Billericay/Braintree?] At the time they were the main agent for the South East, but I'm not sure if they are still trading. It was an easy swap over. Lots are available on the likes of e-bay but I would try them first as they were very knowledgeable. I know motor sizes are now limited in wattage, but you could strike lucky and get an old stock higher wattage motor.

I have swapped out a Henry motor when the old one went up in smoke. Not difficult and you will find lots of motors on ebay. I thought them a little pricey at about £60 but shop around. There is at least one video on the tube about doing it.
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I wanted a Henry and toured the secondhand shops, found two or three all working but nothing suitable and most missing hoses disgusting state etc, cheap enough though to buy one and scavenge the motor out of it.
Bought a new one and delighted, also has takes a heppa filter bag. Ian
I had a spell repairing hoovers, found quite a few UK suppliers of spares?
Have you tried Google? Henry being so popular, I'd have thought lots of suppliers...
but then again, being so reliable, perhaps repair shops don't like 'em, so keep few spares?
Amazon currently have a used Henry for sale at £74.99 - basically a return due to cosmetic damage and probably not far from the cost of a replacement motor

I replaced both motors in my Numatic twin motor vacuum. I first rang Numatic and they sent me an exploded diagram and put me onto their recommended spares supplier.

They were both very helpful and the vacuum has a new lease of life after about an hours work.
Mine also twin bypass motor. Easy to dismantle, sensible construction, just screws. Google numatic spares, some suppliers have exploded diagrams so you can see about any new rubber gaskets, etc. Prices do vary between suppliers so worth hunting. If I recall right, original motors are Mitsubishi product
Henry motors are very simple to replace. Just make sure you get the wiring the right way (2 wires only). You will need to take some bits off the old motor, like the sealing ring, which is fairly straightforwards.
I know, I know, I'm being pedantic but...........Hoover is a brand!
Every marketing mans ( or womans) dream.
No offence intended.
motors available easily and easy to swap. I discovered that the same motor was fitted in my central vac unit so the henry was sacrifised to replace that when it went. then a cheap replacement for the henry motor was obtained.
this one is listed at 1000w=1250w ? so better than the new 630w eu compliant ones available now

The motor in a Henry is in lots of things.

My Record Power DX5000 dust extractor has 2 of them in it. Only worked that out when I though a motor had blown, took it apart and then googled the part number!