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So even considering it is laundering, who the F*** would be offsetting such ill gotten gains on a worthless tool catalog :LOL:

Most Californian woodworkers fall into that category
If it helps anyone I can access a supply of new and in pristine condition current Argos Catalogues (full colour) if anyone's interested (and to save postage) collection can be arranged at your local Argos store. BTW Ive not listed on an auction site yet
I'll bet you can't
This was news to me but apparantly the fixed odds betting terminals in bookies was the way smallish drug dealers did it, just go in and bet limitless amounts, the machines are set to pay out a percentage and you have clean money in either cheque or cash with a receipt. The gambling industry fought tooth and nail to keep these machines no limit,,,I wonder why?
It is the seller of the catalogue who may be laundering money, not the buyer.

I set up as an ebay trader. I buy large quantities of bulk rubbish (not an Axi catalogue of course - I pick those up as a freebie when I visit the store). I sell it to accounts I set up at vastly inflated prices.

The bank see a successful ebay trader. Buy in bulk and sell separate items. Something legitimate (and not so legitimate) traders do. The taxman sees a profitable business on which tax is paid.

What's the problem?
I think you’ve hit the nail on the head fair and square, and the accounts that are paying you are presumably doing it through something like a prepaid debit card. Ian
Long years ago, I bought a sierra cosworth, couple of years old, salesman gave me a few of the promotional material, which I kept and found years after I’d moved on to more sensible cars. Anyways, some years back I came across them, reading them brought back fun memories of youth, but eventually I put them on the bay for auction at .99p thinking they may reach the dizzy heights of £5.00. They eventually reached £80 ish, just no predicting what people will pay. If I’d known, I’d have asked the salesman for a few more.
i was in the warrington axminster store on thursday and as i entered right next to the door was a full pallet of those rare catalogues so as i picked one up it did cross my mind we should all list them just slightly cheaper than him , but then i thought i dont want to give axminster any ideas about charging for them.
cheers paul