Adding lights to a display case

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13 Mar 2014
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Hello, I am thinking of building a small display case with glass doors and shelves. Is there a good way of lighting it, what kind of lights would I need?
Thanks everyone.
In the past I've used the Hafele lights that are on a 12mm strip with LEDs every inch or so..... set into a rebate so they are out of direct eyeline.

You can cut them to length. But you need to hide a transformer somewhere.
I have also used the strip lights for back lighting a picture frame. I got mine from maplins and in a pack got 4 strips of lights but these also changed colour if you wanted or flashed between colours and you got a remote control to change the settings. All this for £35.

Very easy to use, the lights are self adhesive, as mentioned, the transformer needs to be hidden.
I used these in a kitchen cabinet as well as under a bridging unit over a sink and have been very happy with them. You also need a transformer for each group of lights fitted. I fed 3 lights from one transformer, but i believe that they can take more.

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