7mm wooden fluted dowels?


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2 Oct 2007
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Peterborough, Cambs, UK
Bought a nicely finished dowelling jig. Great if you're using 8mm dowels in (say) 18mm wood.
I'm using 12mm panels. I want to dowel them together.
This (Bangood) dowel jig has ...7mm dowels. No 6mm dowels.
OK, I can find 6mm dowels and a 6mm drill. the insert for the jig is sloppy at 7mm where I need to be accurate.

Has anyone seen 7mm dowels please (ideally in the UK)?
Otherwise it'll be glue and screw.
Just a single flute would suffice to allow any surplus glue to escape, but not seen 7mm dowels. I use 10mm with a Dowelmax and purchase from Amazon.co.uk : dowels who are handy for woodworking odds and sods as well. Another posibility is to sand the flutes down on an 8mm dowel, you are only looking at 0.5 at each point and this would give a tight fit.
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Good idea @Spectric thanks. Spin in a drill and sand (poor mans lathe).
@PerryGunn - yes, I found them, not keen for 'fasteners' though.
@Inspector - not thought of that, though I've never had much success before with smooshing rod through holes.

I can only guess Banggood make them for other markets? Not even imperial size is it?
When I need an odd size dowel AND have some rod of the right size then I just drill a hole partway through a bit of scrap wood, near the edge, insert a suitable length of rod and use a saw to cut into the block and leave some grooves in the dowel. Just make sure the dowel is longer than the depth of the hole so it is easy to remove.
Past it now. Screw and glue used this afternoon.

I am curious who (where in the world) uses 7mm dowels, or if Bangood just 'guessed', which seems unlikely.

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