1st time using a wooden moulding plane


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2 Jan 2014
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Cilgerran, Wales
I recently acquired a load of junk from my farther in law's mates garage and among all the rubbish were some wooden moulding planes. I like old hand tools, but have never used a wooden moulding plane.....until now. I was in the workshop looking at these moulding planes, just grabbed one and within a couple of minutes was well on my way! All I did was make sure I wasn't taking too deep a cut and I can't believe it actually worked! I've always believed that they'd be a right faff to get any decent results, but I recon I could have made a couple of metres of staff bead quicker than it would have taken me to set the router table up.


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I don't have a decent router yet (I do have a crappy ALDI one that I'm afraid to use!) so I regularly use moulding planes to put nice beads on lots of my projects. I found out how to sharpen them from a Paul Sellers video. I can easily understand why a serious user might end up with dozens and dozens of different mouldings...
I must admit to an unhealthy attraction to moulding planes - I sort of have it under control now and I've actually managed to sell a considerable number that I would never have a use for, but somehow they do have a way of multiplying! Some of the more complex moulding planes, especially if the body has shrunk can be a right pain to set up, but when it's set up nicely there's something distinctly magical about the shape gradually revealing itself with each shaving.