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    Have you noticed

    When I was younger it was get ready to go to dances and party's etc. Now it is get ready to go to funerals. My third tomorrow since Christmas. :cry: :cry:
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    Cutting aluminium t-track

    I would say junior hacksaw, it has finer teeth so less filing to do. Willy.
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    SIP Planer Thicknessers

    I have a SIP 10X8. It is a good machine the only slight niggle I have with it is changing over to thicknessing, it can be a bit fiddly getting the shaving collecting chute in the right spot. The machine won't run until it is. :mrgreen: Willy.
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    Insomnia. Any sufferers?

    just listen to the house of commons debating. I defy anyone to stay awake. :mrgreen:
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    Forum Users Router Tables

    Woodstar BS52 nearly a year old now. I am well pleased with its performance. (hammer)
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    Which air compressor and nailer?

    If it is just for DIY nailing then the cheap machines will work just fine. The down side is,they are all noisy. Why not get a larger machine that you may find useful at a future date for other air tools. Mount it on a trolly and you can move it out of your way as needed. Willy.
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    Burglar Alarm for the house

    240 volts to the door knob should fix ti. I know, its illegal, but if it has melted his lock picks to his hand, who is he going to complain to??? :mrgreen:
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    Text talk for the elderly

    Flaming whipper snappers, what's text anyway, some new sort of sex ???
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    Record spares?

    car boot is usually a good start. there are usually a few bits of woodwork stuff around. Willy.
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    Time for a new lathe...advice please

    Noggsy, I have a SIP lathe it is multispeed with a swivel head. A good solid piece of kit and I think it is in your price bracket. Willy.
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    Ruddy Hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I bet thet have trouble trying to score there now then. :mrgreen:
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    Text Talk for the Older Generation!

    There is one missing here MPMTP (my pee missed the pot)
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    When told to sit down to pee move the chair as close to the pot as you can.
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    flourescent lights?

    I got 4 X6ft fittings from a local reclamation yard last year cost £10 for the lot.one turned out to be knackered but I think it was a pretty good deal. Willy.
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    Ruddy Hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Football pitches are a wast of good building land.