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    Hardwood buying advice.

    Peru, I'm in Telford too ! Recently I've brought my first load of maple sawn boards from AK Williams. I've got a jointer/ thicknesser so am able to mill my own. The result is fantastic. When I was looking around for timber suppliers, our neighbour is a chippy by trade and pointed me to...
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    New to turning: What is this set up?

    Where do you get the drums parts from ? Looking at the videos .. I'm quite inspired to make one. I've just taken delivery of a bunch of maple boards Tu
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    Chair design - but how do I do this joint ?!

    Yes. Indeed .. obviously if something is made in metal .. they’ll be a reason for that. :) thank you all for responding and the link. I’ve sat on a chair which was like this before and it was lovely. I know what you mean about getting out.
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    Chair design - but how do I do this joint ?!

    Folks, Whilst the weather is awful and I'm waiting for responses to my lumber order. I'm thinking about making my first chair. I've found some designs out there and have been considering this design. I like the design as it's simple lines and based on those foldable garden camping chairs should...
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    Hobby packs - good value ?

    Aidan, I know what you mean. How about veneered sheet for the back and bottom.. where not so visible ? Top, sides and doors (solid glued boards). The legs are actual metal reservable H shape so you can have two heights. I’ve not done any welding before so may need to either learn or find someone...
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    Hobby packs - good value ?

    Thank you. I shall give them a call.
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    Hobby packs - good value ?

    So my wife wants me to make this for her.. otherwise she would go and buy it at £855 ! Dimension is H:54 W:165 D:55 Instead of teak, I'm think cherry or maple or may be walnut. I've done a quick calculations of how much stock (cubic foot) I would need, but just to compare any advice on how...
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    Shelmore timber

    Did you visit Shelmore in the end ? Interest to hear from your experience.
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    Hobby packs - good value ?

    All, Thank you so much for your insights. I’ve read Custard’s post about choosing stock. I think I shall try to find some thing closer to Telford. Anyone have any recommendations? My car is ‘estate’ size so can fit in long lengths. TP
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    Hobby packs - good value ?

    Folks, I’m a “hobbies” and am thinking of ordering ‘hobby’ packs from “British Hardwood”. Because I’m over in Telford, deliver is extra £50 on top, so I’m thinking of ordering at least 1cuft each of maple, cherry, American walnut, and ash. About £300 quids worth. I don’t have anything...
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    Flu jab

    Folks, Everyone should really try to get flu jab each year. Yes its a gamble on what strains will turn into an epidemic and in our COVID-19 situation it’s especially important. If you get flu and needs treatment it will put pressure on our NHS system. The jabs are available from Boots, Tesco...
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    Don't know what to call this ?

    ..need a couple of them I reckon.
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    Height adjustable workbench

    Gosh.. that hospital bed is great idea.. where did you manage to get one of them ? Good’old eBay ?
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    Height adjustable workbench

    Thank you all folks for replying. Your collective wisdom has convince me not to bother with height adjustable. Too troublesome and too time consuming to make something which in hindsight I'll use once to set the height. So I've always have the intention of incorporating both the table saw and...
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    Height adjustable workbench

    Folks, What’s everyone’s view on height adjustable workbenches? I’m thinking of making my first workbench which would incorporate my table saw and router table but not sure what height. Basically, I’d like the workbench to be an outfeed table but am a little worried for use with hand tools...