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    Pest proofing my garage / workshop

    I have 4 traps in my garage and EVERYTIME I pop in, I check them and usually on or two of the traps have something.. I use raw peanuts meant for birds. Last time I got one still with a peanut in it's mouth ! Made me smile. Ive used these. Easy to use / clean etc..
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    SIP 01332 Table saw

    I have found that using a chain hoist have been best thing ever when moving my iTech 315. Ive done everything by myself including lifting it onto a mobile base and fitting the side tables.
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    Could EVERYONE stop making stuff so I could afford the materials..

    This article by the BBC says it all.. … It blamed "unprecedented levels of demand" that are set to continue… … cost of shipping a 40ft container from Asia to Northern Europe soared from $1,500 (£1,061) in summer 2020 to more than $8,300 (£5,873) by...
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    mobile phone scam - beware!

    +1 for instance capital punishment for all scammers and extend that to their whole family lines. That’s stop the rot in their genes.
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    My chiselling accident...

    Is it just me , or everyone was waiting for the picture !! Thats a good one.
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    Things to while away the day watching on Youtube

    Is this just me or am I struggling with the accent ?! Had to turn on subtitles ! LOL
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    HELP - New NVR switch does NOT stay on :(

    Paul - Follow up question .. how do I know if the black wire is actually active ? Tu
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    HELP - New NVR switch does NOT stay on :(

    Hi Paul, Thank you for your diagram. When I took off the previous NVR switch, I took a picture, and the black wire from the motor was indeed connected to A1. See pics enclosed..
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    HELP - New NVR switch does NOT stay on :(

    My table saw is 4hp on 16A single phase. I will test that switch tomorrow and let you guys knows.
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    HELP - New NVR switch does NOT stay on :(

    I’d like one with a emergency stop type button as it’s gonna be mounted on my table saw and if anything, it would be good nudge the stop with my knees.
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    HELP - New NVR switch does NOT stay on :(

    Mike & Roy. I’m coming to conclusion that it’s a duff switch. I will test it as mentioned. So I’m happy to go the DOL starter route. Do you guys have any recommendations? I have a Screwfix near me.
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    HELP - New NVR switch does NOT stay on :(

    Hi Mike, Ive no experience with 3-phase, although I confess that I'm a graduate of Electronics Computer Science from Southampton Uni (1990) ! I've tried v2 today but unfortunately it has not worked. I have also removed the emergency cutoff out of the equation so have also tried v3 (enclosed)...
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    HELP - New NVR switch does NOT stay on :(

    Hi Mike, Ive re-drawned your instructions in this diagram. Q. Is this correct v2 ? Tu
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    HELP - New NVR switch does NOT stay on :(

    Folks, I need some advice. I brought a second hand table saw recently (iTech 315) and on bring it home and installing, I found the old switch was a bit temperamental. Temperamental in terms of (1) If I bang the table, the motor switches on, 2) The green NVR switch sometime works, sometime...
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    Axminster table saw sliding fence 'lubricator'

    It’s available in Amazon. UHMW tape. I too have the same issue with my iTech saw.