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  1. tomlt

    Jet Washers

    My old karcher failed in the summer, decided to go and get a stihl re130, without a doubt the best pressure washer I've used, well thought out, tough build and awesome cleaning power, quiet too! Was about 250 with a free patio head.
  2. tomlt

    Sold Jet JPT 260 Planer Thicknesser

    Sold now - thanks for the interest.
  3. tomlt

    Sold Jet JPT 260 Planer Thicknesser

    Hi All, I have for sale my Jet 260 planer thicknesser. She was bought new in 2012 and used lightly by me on a hobby basis for the last 8yrs, its probably done only 15-20hrs work in that time. Its in excellent working order, comes with 3 sets of knives, 2 are brand new including an expensive set...
  4. tomlt

    Wood related places to visit in kent?

    I'm off to Kent in a couple of weeks, any suggestions for wood related places to visit whilst down there? Old sawmills, ship builders, furniture gallery's etc etc. I shall be visiting Axminster Sittingbourne for a mooch at some point 😀. Thanks, Tom.
  5. tomlt

    Electric chainsaw experience

    Id like to try an MSA220, its supposed to be a big step up from the MSA200. I've been tempted to try the stihl battery stuff, but the cost puts me off when all my other cordless gear is Makita. I highly rate the 36v hedgetrimmer for example so figured I'd try the chainsaw, the one nice advantage...
  6. tomlt

    Electric chainsaw experience

    I own 11 saws so like to think I know a bit about them, including an MS180 and the 36v Makita 14". The makita is a very good saw, with two 6ah batteries you can prob get 20mins run time, enough to tackle a reasonable domestic tree (12" sort of size). Over 12" it does struggle and you can't...
  7. tomlt

    Wall mount 16amp 2P+E - with interlock switch?

    Sorry but if your sparky left that house consumer unit in that condition he wants reporting - I get that its an old unit and he's probably had to do the best he could, but the fact you have large gaps either side of that new MCB is unacceptable, someone who didn't know better could put a finger...
  8. tomlt


    Have you considered getting a roof rack for your car? I'd recommend a trip to MAC timbers, you could easily spend hours looking through his selection of stuff. Mikes also incredibly helpful and a personal friend. I run a small hobby based sawmill up near spalding but do have a drop off at...
  9. tomlt

    Jigsaw itch. Which of these have you used?

    I've got the Mafell P1CC, an older bosch GST135 and the Makita 4350 and a Makita 18v Brushless Body grip. Do I need 4 jigsaws - nope. Do I like buying ever increasingly expensive tools - Yes :-( The Mafell is good, but not really any better than the Bosch or the festool I've tried. The Makitas...
  10. tomlt

    MAC Timbers Open Day - Sunday 23rd August

    Hi All, Just a heads up that Mike & Rene will be hosting an open day again this Sunday from 10am - 4pm (ish). Mike will be demonstrating his sawmill, I'll be there to demonstrate the chainsaw mill and the usual cohort of wood turners will be there doing demonstrations in the workshop. Mike has...
  11. tomlt

    MAC Timbers Open Day - 11th August 2019

    Bump - don't forget this is on tomorrow folks!
  12. tomlt

    MAC Timbers Open Day - 11th August 2019

    Hi All, Just a heads up that Mike & Rene will be hosting another open day on Sunday 11th August 2019, from 10am-2pm(ish) selling timber etc. Mikes workshop and sawmill will be open for demonstrations and I'll be there with my Alaskan chainsaw mill demonstrating as well. Please come along and...
  13. tomlt

    MAC Timbers open day (Sunday 30th Oct)

    Hi all, Last minute reminder that Mike and Rene have their last planned open day for 2018 tomorrow (sunday). Mike will be demonstrating the new saw mill as well as selling timber. There will be a small gathering of fellow woodies demonstrating their crafts and a healthy supply of tea and...
  14. tomlt

    MAC TIMBERS open day April 1st 2018

    Bump! Just a reminder that this is on this Sunday for anyone who wants a morning out :-) See you there, Tom.