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    Sold Woodrat WR900 + Accessories

    Hi Alan, I am sorry but this has just been sold. Regards, Kevin
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    Sold Woodrat WR900 + Accessories

    Happy new year folks. For sale is a Woodrat WR900 (WoodRat — WoodRat Retail: £599) Set of 6 cutters (Cutter Set 1 — WoodRat (£180) Musclechuck and reducing sleeve (Musclechuck — WoodRat (Retail £88) Router compatability Type 2 – Black & Decker | DeWALT | ERBAUER | Festool | Musclechuck...
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    Looking to rent a Shaper Origin (or similar)

    Thanks for the reply. Still thinking if I can splash that much cash....
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    SOLD: 63mm Dust Extraction Kit

    My PMs are still getting stuck in my outbox. TNT didn’t show up today, so the bits won’t be with you until Wednesday. Sorry for the hassle.
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    SOLD: 63mm Dust Extraction Kit

    @Brian, my posts keep on getting stuck in my Outbox, but the items will be collected today and with you tomorrow.
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    SOLD: 63mm Dust Extraction Kit

    Now sold.
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    SOLD: 63mm Dust Extraction Kit

    I bought one of these many moons ago, and the only dust it is collecting does not go through center of the parts.... https://www.axminstertools.com/63mm-dus ... kit-410063 I have used some of the bits, but never used the full kit, there is ~90% of the components lest 6 x 915mm lengths of tube...
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    Art desk - WIP

    Very well done
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    Norm's Adirondack Chair

    It has been a long time since I watched a bit of Norm....even my wife periodically asks how he is doing...
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    Looking to rent a Shaper Origin (or similar)

    Hi Glen, After using for a little while would you still recommend it, I know it depends on what you want to make, but just wondered what you views were. Kevin
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    Another beginner...

    Agreed on the 1m depth being too much, I had to build a deep surface to allow an old chop saw to extend fully backwards which required a bench of around 1m, there is loads of wasted space under there, I was looking at it only today thinking what I should do with it....
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    Trend T11E Router + bits & Fox F50-842 extractor motor

    I have PMed both Hot stuff and Fireburst. I am not 100% sure if these PMs are coming through. Just let me know one way or another what you want to do. Regards, Kevin
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    Trend T11E Router + bits & Fox F50-842 extractor motor

    I bought a full router table setup recently so I have my Trend T11E spare to requirements. It hasn't really had that much use. They are going for around £250 new, I am looking for £125. I have also got a set of 15 router bits, never used, cheapest I have seen them is £42, I am looking for...
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    Floating shelf advice needed.

    Hi, I am about to put up some up some floating shelves, I have bought a 40mm oak worktop and chopped it down the middle to get 300mm shelves. There are the 3 shelves I am putting up, 3m / 1.6m / 0.8m. The good thing is that these are all going directly into brick. The large shelf at 3m is...
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    Kreg Custom Router Table & Triton TRA001...Sold.

    Hi, no I already have 3 routers, so not in need of any more. I had my eye on this for a while and was thinking about asking if you would split the table, now someone gave you the other side of that deal that made my mind up. I will PM you my mobile number.