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    Luna master W59

    hi there I know this is an old post but did you manage to get a single phase wiring diagram .I'm in need of one myself for my w57 and I'm guessing that the w59 isn't very different? Regards
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    luna w57 manual please!

    thanks for the reply. interesting that the 3phase model reversed. guess the single phase model didnt. needs more switching poles to reverse a single phase which the cam switch doesnt have I take it you bought it in the late 70's? early eighties? Can you remember what sort of money it was...
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    luna w57 manual please!

    Well i never thought of that. I just assumed that was the case. There is an old right handed router bit in the chuck which threw me. I have a wiring diagram for the W57 /3 phase and it is clearly wired to reverse the motor direction I also wondered why there are two positions on the selector...
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    luna w57 manual please!

    thankyou jake
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    luna w57 manual please!

    Hello All I'm rebuilding an old Luna W57 combination machine. I am desperate for anyone who has any instructions they could email me. Its a single phase model. I have a copy of instructions (in swedish) for a 3 phase model but i need the wiring diagram for the single phase unit. I cant for...
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    Myford ML8 Manual

    Hi John. Ive recently bought an ml8 and in the throws of finishing my lockdown workshop. Ive just come across your thread and wondered if you managed to get a scan of the assembly instructions and if so if you would kindly forward a copy to me. Many thanks in advance Simon [email protected]
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    Luna master w57 buying advice

    Hello Raj. Just come across your post .Did you buy the W57? Its a Swedish machine built in the eary 80's. were quite expensive when new(and heavy!) I have one and it weighs in at 500kg. I have had it for 20 years. I have instructions on pdf if you need them. If you did buy it I would greatly...
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    Tired Luna w57 build

    Hello All Just stumbled across this site. I have an old woodwork combination machine ive had for nearly 20 years and have just craned into my new (covid lockdown build) workshop/shed at the bottom of the garden before I fit the front door. Ive had plenty of use from the table saw but not the...