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    Fitting a soft start module to Dewalt DW745 table saw

    The simplest option is to make an extension cable with the module in the back box of a 13a socket outlet. I use it with my table saw (need to hold in the NVR switch for a second or 2) and router. It makes a huge difference to the starting noise and jerk.
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    Auction of machinery and timber.

    Interesting and varied list of timber and machinery to be auctioned at Brackley at the end of January. John Pye Auctions: Auctions Viewing is available.
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    silly person question of the day....

    Many thanks to everyone who took the time to reply. A lot of helpful suggestions to try - I have ordered a woollen inner glove to start. Strangely my feet are never affected even without extra protection. Sandyn, I have also noticed a hot meal helps considerably.
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    silly person question of the day....

    My difficulty in the workshop (unheated garage) is cold fingers when the temperature drops. I cannot find any thermal gloves which allow me to work satisfactorily (too bulky) -- would like to be able to pick up screws and use battery drill etc. Any suggestions? Reading previous posts has anyone...
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    How to open a locked and broken upvc door?

    I had the same problem and ground/hacksawed thro the hinges. Door then came out from the hinge side.
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    Antique chest of drawers alteration.

    Thanks to Myfordman and mrpercysnodgrass for the useful advice. I only intend to change the top 2 drawers into a chest. The idea is to maximise the storage with a small footprint -- looking at chests 1200mm wide x 1200mm high. Getting the smooth running drawers my daughter is used to will be...
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    Antique chest of drawers alteration.

    I would be grateful for advice from anyone familiar with antique methods of furniture construction. My daughter has asked me to convert an early 20th cent mahogany 4 drawer chest into a blanket box. ie make the fixed top into an hinged lid. How is the top attached and what chance have I got of...
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    Drilling accurate holes.

    Well spotted Nick -- it is a Nixie clock .Thanks everyone for all the suggestions and advise. I will get a forstner bit and do some practise holes but as mentioned only get one shot at the real thing. My friend who is a wizard with electronics cannot understand why it is difficult to "drill a...
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    Drilling accurate holes.

    In reply to the questions ---I have acess to an accurate drill press --- the wood is 12mm thick. I don't know what wood type it is. It is for a friend who wants to repurpose a prefinished (varnished?) box. Breakout on the underside does not matter.
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    Drilling accurate holes.

    Hello, --- I would be grateful for advice on a project. I need to drill a line of four 19mm diam holes in timber ( inline with the grain). Two of the holes will be 2mm apart. What is best way to drill/make the holes to avoid any breakout between them. Thanks.
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    anyone recognise this little, old surface planer?

    The blue planer is a Dodd machine tools. I have the identical planer less the cabinet. Approx 35 years old.
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    Parkside Vacuum PWD 12 A1 - Hose

    I am fairly sure plastic mini downpipe is 50mm diameter. Normally used on garages and easily available at B & Q etc.
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    New(ish) sash windows - maintenance / refurb / repair.

    Very unusual to have no clearance around glazing fitted to a wood window. Sides and top have a small gap (2mm) but bottom can be bedded on frame. I am very surprised the DG units have not failed with the rot. Cannot see how it is possible to get a satisfactory repair without removing the...
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    Sad story of my uneven bench top

    Smalmaleki--how far out is it? On a 600mm wide bench a .1 deg error is 1.04mm. If error is +/- then 2mm error possible. You say having zeroed the scale you adjusted the angle---to zero presumably? If it out by a large amount could a rail have moved? Edited to correct typo.
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    Wet and dry grinding wheels.

    Thanks for your reply Sean. The block is out of stock at the moment but I have set an alert for it becoming available. Should have tried a decent quality one first!