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    Dust extraction

    Hi im sorry if this is late I've been poorly the vac in question works very well and the cyclone, I would recommend both Regards Peter
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    Router bit advice

    Hi, I have been asked to produce wooden discs in varying sizes and thicknesses, I have a good jig but finding a good bit to cut these clean is difficult ant recommendations or advice would be great 👍
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    Mitre advice

    If you were going to buy a mitre jig, which one would you buy, I have tried to make my own twice now and I just cant get it so I'm putting my hands in my not so deep pockets, £150 maybe a bit more if the other half doesn't read this post
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    Acf50 is superb I use it on my motorbikes rate it very highly
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    Hi everyone, I noticed when sharpening my plane that its going rusty only surface rust but I'm thinking it needs some sort of protion
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    Hi everyone, I have been told to use a sanding sealer prior to pouring resin into my routered lettering to stop any bleeding from the resin into the edges of the lettering, do any of you use such a thing if so what one do I need to buy ? TIA
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    My first go at making a box of any description, I made this for my wife, I have lined it with pig skin sued, and used craft resin for the lettering, oh and reclaimed oak inlays and top, its not perfect but it is for me
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    Table saw blade

    Ok I know its a minefield out there when looking for replacement blades, I am looking for a good 210mm x 30 blade for my Dw 7485 table saw, I don't mind swapping blades for ripping and crosscutting if that's what it takes, or a very good all rounder, I'm looking for a good finish to the cuts...
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    Bit Fed Up

    I made a Mitre sled I followed it to the letter it certainly looks the part, I used it today and it was not good I expected it all to fit beautifully but alas it was out, I am very disappointed in myself, I suppose I need a reality check and buy something that works
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    For Sale Extraction hose (Brand New Unused)

    I have this for sale I will post it out and ill get a p&p price PU Clear Flexible ducting Hose, 63mm Dia. x 5m Long, for dust, Fume, Vapour and wood waste Extraction, Ventilation, I was thinking £30 +p&p pay by paypal friends and family to avoid their charges, message me if you want it Regards...
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    Advice Needed

    I am making my wife a keepsake box, i have never done anything like this so i am winging it a bit, it has a ply lid and that's where i need help, i don't just want a ply lid id like to make it a bit of a feacher, and advice on what i could do
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    Big Thank You

    I would like to say a big thank you to one of our fellow members Kenpez, he kindly made me a set of rings for my Rutland router plate,
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    Wood storage

    I have a small shop and storing wood is becoming a problem, can anyone suggest a way of storing wood outside, i am very limited for space outside of the shop i have used all the space, my lovely better half is adamant that i cant take any more of her garden space, help!
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    Infill Pattern

    I am making a keepsake box for my loving wife, i would like to put the words "I Love You More + 1" is there somewhere i can get a patterern from, or could i find a decent font and print it off and use that ?
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    Jigsaw blades

    Hi everyone, can anyone help with what blades to buy, primarily for wood Tia Peter