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    Which Drill Bill Set - General Purpose

    Thanks so much all the Irony about my question is yes I have lidl sets are they’ve been really good actually. I’ve also got a black and decker set I got in 2001 and although it’s still going I’ve lost bits. That’s the only reason I was thinking of another set just to keep things together. Any...
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    Which Drill Bill Set - General Purpose

    Thank you Phil, mainly wood work but all sorts of DIY around the house. Today for e.g im putting up a solar panel on an Aluminum door.
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    Which Drill Bill Set - General Purpose

    Thanks for the prompt reply guys these sets are looking good. Are there also any good quality sets out there that are not just drill bits?
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    Which Drill Bill Set - General Purpose

    Hi All I need a good quality Drill bit set just for Genera purposes. I already have a good Fisch set for my wood working but I need something for everything else, can any one make any recommendations? Unfortunately all the big brands seem to be made in China I. Makita, Bosch, Dewalt etc Thanks
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    Cordless Dust Extractor/Shop Vac/Vacuum

    Update - I spent more than what I wanted but went for the Dewalt cordless M class dust extractor. Figured I cant put a price on my lungs :)
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    Cordless Dust Extractor/Shop Vac/Vacuum

    Hey All My Dewalt 584L is being weird. I have a Festool dust extractor but being in a no power shop a little cordless vac is really useful as it saves me running a massive extension lead from the house. I’m invested in the Festool and Dewalt battery ecosystem but I also have an old Bosch...
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    What's the most stupid thing you've done in woodworking?

    My god I have Many but I’m actually having one right now. I’ll probably post a quick vid as it’s easier to explain but essentially I can’t work this Dewalt Cordless Vac haha. It’s a DCV584L with a quick connector on the end of the hose. I can seem to work out how to attach a normal crevice...
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    Cordless tool options (manufacturer)

    Don’t forget about dust extraction. I battled with the same issue and with a garage that has no power it was an important decision. I went with the Dewalt because I really liked their flex vault mitre saw but as I gained more experience and dust extraction became more on my mind I now love and...
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    DF500 Domino - Heads Up

    Hey All Looks like the DF500 Domino is back in stock at FFX. I’ve ordered mine from Tool Fest, I’ll cal them Monday as I’m thinking they too might be getting their stock https://ffx.co.uk/product/Get/Festool-Df500-Q-Plus-Gb-4014549148457-240V-Domino-Joining-System-In-Systainer-2
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    Tips on the use of new Software:

    On the back of @Bodgers comment a m wondering if people would be interested in this forum perhaps turning into a private “Facebook” like site? For clarity - there are solutions out there to do this (not linked to Facebook in anyway) plus it enables mobile apps/push notifications/ live chat and...
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    Peg Boards v French Cleats

    @billw just a coke of day’s ago I was asking the same question and I ended up with going for the Elfa garage tool board peg system, but I did this for a few reasons. Firstly I had just buoy massive shelves/work bench for my garage so I was knocked, and secondly I already had the “top track” for...
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    Routing for beginners (and routing tables)

    As a person that is in only year three of their wood working journey (hence newbie Raf) I asked myself the same questions a couple of years ago. I ended up going for a Dewalt router and trend table, and had only you tube knowledge but never done it myself. I personally find routing really...
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    Tempted with this...are you?

    I have jaws bought from Screwfix used twice I maybe persuaded to sell it but I’m located in Hampshire. Pm me if interested
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    So, do most of you use sketch up for your designs?

    +1 for struggling with sketch up let me know if you find a way :)
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    Which Bench/Pillar Drill

    Thank you all I will have a look on eBay again but I also like the idea of the electronic motor and speeds. The Nova Voyager DVR looks nice but it’s too pricey.