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    Tormek supergrind

    I'll take 2nd dibs on that please, if it doesn't sell.
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    Hey Phil, well as it happens I would be interested in it. Do you have a pic and external dimensions? Though it might be a week or two before I can come and get it as I'm in for an operation tomorrow.
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    craft supplies limited 2000 pcc

    I did. I've been pondering what to do for upgrades: go fully Axminster and get one of their evolution chucks, or use all my old jaws and get a Sorby (can't get an adaptor for my SC4 chuck it seems). But I also took one of the craft supplies chucks hoping my C spanners would unlock it - but that...
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    craft supplies limited 2000 pcc

    Ah, so you found the c spanners Paul. You might recall I took a CS chuck with me when I bought Ray's graduate, but no spanners were to hand. I've been unable to undo it with the spanner I did have, so haven't done anything with it yet. So a set of spanners would be useful.
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    Free tools/clear out

    Do you still have the hand cranked grinder? I would like that if it's still going please. Thanks.
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    Link Belt for Union Graduate?

    Hi all - related to my other question, I was looking into the possibility of trying a link belt on my graduate. Has anyone used a modern link belt on one? The spindle bearings seem fine so I don't want to disturb them, but the belt hasn't been used for quite some time so it has obviously...
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    Union Graduate drive belt & turnbuckle queries

    I recently bought a Union Graduate longbed that used to belong to Ray Key no less (thanks Paul Hannaby) and it's almost fully installed now. I've a couple of niggles to fix before I fully enjoy the machine: When I first set it up there was quite a bit of vibration through the motor plate. I...
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    Lathe 'upgrade'/Union Graduate questions

    Thanks for the tip. I usually avoid Facebook like the plague, but maybe I'll make an exception for this - could be useful!
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    Lathe 'upgrade'/Union Graduate questions

    I guess it's possible to dual thread stuff for the graduate as it's a pretty chunky thread - easier to machine and less chance of cross-threading? I didn't realise they did it until looking into the Graduate lathes.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you turned (!)

    Yes it is, though maybe you should just go as thin as you dare. For utility ware that's meant to be used I think it's sometimes difficult to judge. I made this bowl with a mortice though, so if it really bugs me I can turn it down some more - provided it doesn't warp too much of course.
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    Lathe 'upgrade'/Union Graduate questions

    Sure, I know you can get left-hand thread chucks, but that doesn't address how you actually use them. The rotation is the same but the body position is different as far as I can see (assuming you carry on cutting bowls the same direction). If you change the rotation to suit right-handed use...
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    Lathe 'upgrade'/Union Graduate questions

    Hey Phil - thanks. I've been in contact with Paul about it and I'm planning on going up to see it, but I wanted to get my head around it first before travelling. It's a long way to everywhere from Cornwall - as you know! I understand about the face plates and maybe I would end up doing more...
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    Lathe 'upgrade'/Union Graduate questions

    Hey Chaps - I'm looking to upgrade from my current setup - a Record CL3 (new version). I've been fairly happy with the CL3 but wanted to upgrade to variable speed and whilst I was doing that, upgrade to something with more mass (the Record stand is laughable and not fit for purpose). So I've...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you turned (!)

    Salad/fruit bowl in elm (approx 12" diameter), finished with Danish oil, though not the best photo. Quite a tough and fibrous but of wood it was, but I'm quite pleased with the result, though I should have taken it thinner!
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    Tormek Coarse Diamond Wheel query?

    Interesting. I was planning to get a 'fine' diamond wheel - well just as soon as they have stock, it's been 6 months! I currently sharpen my gouges on 6" CBN wheels on a high speed grinder, I think the grit is 300 ish, I'm not quite sure. My theory is that I'll re-shape/re-grind on the CBN, but...